[Sugar-devel] [Announcement] Sugarizer v0.8 is available for your device

Christian Stroetmann stroetmann at ontolab.com
Fri Jan 6 04:25:21 EST 2017

On the 6th January 2017 at 09:48, Lionel Laské wrote:
> Any Android applications could work into Sugarizer OS.
> Two applications that we love here:
> - GCompris: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.gcompris
> - ScratchJR: 
> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.scratchjr.android
> The idea of Sugarizer OS is to mix Sugarizer activities with Android 
> application that you love and that you can't find in Sugarizer.
> But of course it's also a good opportunity to integrate "standard" 
> application like Chrome or Google Play into Sugarizer so you could 
> launch it without leaving Sugarizer.
>             Lionel.

Thank you for answering.
But let me ask a following question because I do not use Android.
The web-addresses of the exemplary applications are beginning with " 
play.google.com/store/apps/ ". As far as I know, this is the web-address 
of the Google Play Store and someone must have Google Play installed 
already to get access to it.

The reason for my astonishment is that I have the impression somehow 
that Sugarizer OS or even Sugarizer is not bound to the goals of the 
Free Software Foundation (FSF) and comparable open source movements anymore.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting work.


> 2017-01-06 9:40 GMT+01:00 Christian Stroetmann <stroetmann at ontolab.com 
> <mailto:stroetmann at ontolab.com>>:
>     On the 6th of January 2017 at 09:02, Lionel Laské wrote:
>>     Hi all,
>>     I'm proud to announce the eighth version (0.8) of Sugarizer, a
>>     taste of Sugar for any device.
>     Yo
>     [...]
>>     New in Sugarizer 0.8 for Android is "Sugarizer OS". Sugarizer OS
>>     is a way to use Sugarizer as your Android Launcher on the device.
>>     So you could have the same experience with Sugarizer on your
>>     tablet/smartphone that you've got with Sugar on the XO laptop.
>>     More specifically, Sugarizer OS features are:
>>       * Directly boot the device on Sugarizer home view (no more
>>         Android stuff)
>>       * Full features and activities of Sugarizer (Sugarizer and
>>         Sugarizer OS share the same code)
>>       * Include both Sugarizer activities and Android applications in
>>         your home view using favorites feature
>>       * Launch Android applications from Sugarizer home view
>>       * Journal will trace both Sugarizer and Android application launch
>>       * Launch Android settings from the Sugarizer settings dialog
>>       * Manage WiFi connection from the Sugarizer neighborhood view
>>         (like in Sugar)
>>     With Sugarizer OS, Sugar on Android is now a reality: enjoy the
>>     experience and spread the world with Sugarizer !
>     I am wondering where the Android applications come from. Can you
>     give some examples?
>     C.S.
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