[Sugar-devel] Call for Testers/Bug-Reporters/Patcher-uppers: Music Blocks v1 Testing to Begin

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Mon Feb 27 19:48:15 EST 2017

[This message is for anyone interested in helping out with Music Blocks]


We are on to the next phase for Music Blocks!

Basically, we need to test all **current** features--and combinations of
features to identify corner cases. If there are problems, we need to
report them on GitHub and fix them

Testing Spreadsheet
Tabs16 is the one in charge of this spreadsheet and has a newer version,
but this is the latest version I have (Tabs, please send link to a copy
of your newest version put into a folder with permissions to edit):


We need to work together to find all the corner cases, so please assign
yourself a section.

So for example, if you want to test all combinations with pitch block,
you would add your name to the sheet (or just tell us on this mailing
list--whatever you prefer), test all the combinations column by column.
When testing each combination, answer the questions "What Happens",
"What do you expect to Happen", and propose a change (if necessary) in
the respective sheets.

If you find a bug, please report it to GH
(https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/issues) and provide the .tb
file and a screenshot (when helpful). Please provide repro steps as
well. If you have a proposed behavior change, that is not a bug please
post it to GH as well.

We welcome creative feature ideas, but the priority right now is to have
a stable Music Blocks for a version 1 release.

Thank you!

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