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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 20:06:08 EST 2017

Dear Samuel,

I wanted to make a few comments on just a few parts of this list.

> Justice:
> 1. OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS,
> 2. Maintainers: Bernie Innocenti, Sebastian Silva and Samuel Cantero.
> 3. Services (VMs running inside this node):

Thanks to you, Sebastian and Bernie for maintaining this core server
(justice), it is indispensable to our mission, and I don't think you
guys can ever be thanked enough for the work you do to keep this
running and providing the many services it hosts.

> amnesia:
> OS: Fedora 18. This OS has reached End of Life.
> Maintainer: X.
> Services provided:
> Apparently it's used by Paraguay Educa. It's running an HTTP server, MySQL, etc.
> Are we still using this?

Let me (and maybe Walter) reach out to ParaguayEduca about amnesia.
Walter presented in Paraguay not too long ago and he and I are also
working on some great stuff in terms of GuaranĂ­ (Paraguay)
localization that will be the subject of some upcoming posts to this
list and hopefully discussion by the SLOB.

> aslo:
> OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5. EOL: April 2019.
> Maintainer: Samuel Cantero.
> Codebase maintainer: X. it would be nice to have someone behind it. Aleksey have been helping so far.
> Services provided:
> activities.sugarlabs.org

Obviously a critical piece of infrastructure for getting our code out
there.  I only wish more of the activities posted there were set up
for i18n so that we could localize them on Pootle.

I've got a partial (and certainly outdated) inventory of the
activities on ASLO (see attached file).  I'd love to work with someone
on updating and completing it, particularly with an eye toward trying
to identify additional high-priority targets of i18n/L10n or migration
to our main  github repository.

> pootle:
> OS: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS.
> Maintainer: Chris Leonard.
> Services provided:
> translate.sugarlabs.org

That OS is getting long-in-the-tooth.  We are going to want to upgrade
to Version 2.8 of Pootle in the near future, it could be released any
day now.  It will bring back some nice features like repository
integration (via the Pootle FS) that will make the back and forth of
POT files and PO files in the repos much easier.


We will obviously want to do that in a new VM (with  a current OS)
when we do it, but eventually the new instance will completely replace
the old instance (after a proper migration).  I'd be thrilled to begin
working on a migration project with one of the sysadmins, but I know
it won't be Bernie, because he won't touch Django (ask him what he
really thinks about Django sometime).

> Jita:
> OS: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS
> Maintainer: X.
> Services provided:
> git.sugarlabs.org (gitorious). Someone should move all repos inside git.sl.o to GitHub.

As I think was demonstrated today, there is still some great code that
hasn't made it to github yet.  I'd like to approach a Gitorious
de-commission methodically so we don't lose anything worthwhile, I
only called out those repos that already were hosted on Pootle.  I'm
sure there is more good stuff left behind and we might want to start
by de-duplicating old Gitorius from current Github repos.  Who would
like to form the Gitorious De-commisioning Committee with me to
inventory old git and start trimming away things that have a new home?
 I can guarantee that there will be things that need community input
from this list (e.g. which slider puzzle version is worth carrying

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