[Sugar-devel] [sugarlabs/aslo] does not show latest version of an activity (#3)

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sun Apr 30 21:30:20 EDT 2017

This  'Goals and modules proposal' 
needs some work before being adopted.

It needs to reflect our move to github/sugarlabs.

The terms glucose, fructose, and sucrose need clear definition and 
explanation. For example, fructose sometimes is a list of demonstration 
activities, in other cases, it the list of activities with translations 
on translate.sugarlabs.org, and in other cases it is a core set of 
activities to be included in an OLPC Os or other image including Sugar. 
Sucrose is sometimes used to refer to sugar as in 'apt install sucrose'. 
I suspect the Mate community would react to 'install partner' as I do to 
'install sucrose'.

The section 'new modules proposal' as it applies to activities is 
inconsistent with Sugar Labs goals as reflected in the developer hub on 
ASLO. Sugar from the beginning has encouraged contribution of activities 
by individuals with vetting comparable to

Click on Browse, Read, Pippy icons in the homepage and make sure all of them starts correctly.

Contribution of activities is completely independent of the Sugar 
release cycle. Activities may and do overlap. We advise contributors not 
to wait for perfection but to submit as soon as they have something 
which others can try (10+ lines of code as I remember).

OLPC OS includes a selected set of activities with each release. 
Selection of this set does not involve Sugar Labs.

We are moving from activities as provided and supported by individual 
contributors to a community model centered on github/sugarlabs. In this 
context our current process needs to move away from the developer hub to 
focus on github/sugarlabs:

A contributor develops the activity on his own computer with a current 
version of Sugar installed. When ready, the contributor requests someone 
with owner permissions to githubs/sugarlabs to create a repository for 
the activity. The contributor then pushes the local master to github. 
Alternatively, the contributor could create a personal repository on 
github and push there. Then the contributor could request it to be 
copied to github/sugarlabs.

When ready, a maintainer of the activity commits an incremented version 
number in activity.info (that commit identified with a message 'v99'. 
The maintainer notifies the activity team  to publish the new version to 
ASLO. A team member creates the bundle with setup.py dist_xo and copies 
it to download.sugarlabs.org.

ASLO should display the highest numbered version of an activity (but may 
display the latest for simplicity).

ASLO shows information not now a part of the bundle (developer, summary, 
description, chosen license). I would propose this information be 
included in activity.info where it would be visible in the github 
repository. Activity.info lines such as repository=, homepage=,update=, 
workswith= could be used to provide this information to ASLO. We could 
also include tags='fructose',"fang's fun" to associate activities with 
collections in activity.info.

The internal developer community may know exactly what the 'Goals and 
Modules' document means and the extent to which applies to our practice, 
but there are many interested parties who are not in that community and 
need an explanation. For example, what are GSOC candidates to make of 
sucrose, fructose, glucose and so on?


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