[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release Turtle Blocks-215

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Wed Apr 26 20:23:17 EDT 2017

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Sugar Platform:
0.82 - 0.110

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Release notes:
* fix error on fb_plugin menu creation  (AlanJAS)
* fix get_endswith_files function (AlanJAS)
* fix parameter on cancel_plugin_install call (AlanJAS)
* remove duplicated import (AlanJAS)
* better handle of temporary folder use (AlanJAS)
* fix when dbus is not supported (AlanJAS)
* workarround for gtk-xft-dpi possible error (AlanJAS)
* simplify is_writeable function (AlanJAS)
* create svg surface only when export (AlanJAS)
* new translations (Chris Leonard)
* fix show show samples in gnome (AlanJAS)
* update logo.boxes with BOX (AlanJAS)
* Fix bug introduced in 70e9d98 for samples picker. (Icarito)
* Add feature to export blocks as image. (Icarito)
* Add uri handler (Icarito)
* fix logic of plugin active (AlanJAS)
* show all plugins by default (AlanJAS)
* fixes in taplugin (AlanJAS)
* check for None case (Walter Bender)
* pep8 fixes; using single quotes where available (Walter Bender)
* make plugin global to python code (AlanJAS)
* fix typo (AlanJAS)
* remove glob dependency (AlanJAS)
* simplify menubuilder (AlanJAS)
* removing has_toolbarbox (AlanJAS)
* Remove suspicious code (rbuj)
* workarround for pyexported path problem (AlanJAS)
* fix error of no menu in pyexported (AlanJAS)
* updates to hi.po
* tweaks to converter block code: use existing turtle graphics canvas
  (Walter Bender)
* use TB instead of TA (Walter Bender)
* lowercased colors names in new adapter block (Rafael Cordano)
* Added apater color block (Rafael Cordano)

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