[Sugar-devel] motion for a new mission statement

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Apr 25 18:44:25 EDT 2017

On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 12:24:19AM +0100, Samson Goddy wrote:
> Thanks James. I think the probably of the low engagements especially
> in the area of Social Media and Google search is less
> commitment. Someone needs to take that responsibility, i had issues
> with some volunteers who went on creating Social media accounts on
> behalf of Sugar Labs. Our first twitter account was created by
> someone i don't really know, and google crawled it. 
> What i am trying to say is that people just go on creating different
> accounts with different information about Sugar and Sugar Labs,
> which is extremely bad for the community. I made a proposal(Social
> Media Manager) about tackling and enhancing the SL on Social Media
> world, but i guess it was ignored.

Contributors have certainly ignored things they don't understand or
don't have time to understand.  I'm guilty of that with Social Media;
I'm just not social enough.

I agree that careful planning will yield the best result.  I don't
know how to achieve that though.

> There are some service that are paid even if you are non-profit, i
> believe OLPC uses Hootsuite(paid platform) and it is getting the job
> done. OLPC Facebook page (over 20k followers), twitter (over 17k
> followers) 

Thanks, that's interesting; I didn't know.

> but OLPC is a hardware company that don't even sell xo to the
> general public.

Hope to change that impression.

Ring them up, if they have stock on hand they'll sell you one.

> Sugar Labs that supposedly serves as "The Software" community have
> less than 1k followers in all platforms. Why is that?

Having just fixed a particularly obvious bug with Browse that blocks
downloading new activities, and the bug has been there for more than a
year, I'm starting to think we don't have enough testers let alone
developers.  ;-)

> So this should be our second priority because without this we cannot
> sell the mission to people especially the non-xo users.

James Cameron

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