[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer flatpak package

Manuel QuiƱones manuel.por.aca at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 12:40:55 EDT 2017


I'm working on a flatpak package for Sugarizer.

Flatpak http://flatpak.org/ is the new way to distribute applications
in GNU/Linux. Is great for many reasons. One reason is that the same
package works for any modern Linux distribution like Fedora, Debian,
Arch, Ubuntu. I made the package targetting Endless OS which is
leading the development of flatpak. But again, any modern distro will
benefit with this.

My original post is here:

My current state: I have a repository with the toolchain and
instructions for building a Linux64 package

I was wondering where to upload the package. I think the Sugarlabs
infrastructure would be the best option to store it. Here are
instructions on how to start a remote flatpak repository in a

The first release will be a big download, but flatpak is supposed to
download the delta between versions.

I will update the Sugarizer wiki page once I manage to log into the SL
wiki again.

.. manuq ..

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