[Sugar-devel] 2017 Goals for Sugar Labs

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Mon Apr 10 09:02:00 EDT 2017

Walter Bender:
> * Stand-alone projects such as Music Blocks have merit as long as they
> maintain both a degree of connection with Sugar and promote the values of
> the community. It is not certain that these projects will lead users
> towards Sugar, but they do promote FOSS and Constructionist principles. And
> they have attracted new developers to the Sugar community.

In my crazy "imagineering" mind, I think that Music Blocks has a high
potential to be integrated into the other sugar tools. As one small
example, you could have physics/math tools that export code/blocks to be
used in Music Blocks.

As for the inverse, I suppose that music made with Music Blocks could be
used by users to customize the sounds generated on their computers (or
any software tool) to replace stock sounds. (A while back, I created a
ring tone on my phone that is my own invention and I really love it. I
think others would like to do this to.)

I know there are many other obstacles to bringing people from one tool
to another, but I wanted to point these opportunities out.

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