[Sugar-devel] Jappy Activity (was Pippy JS, etc)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Apr 3 03:11:35 EDT 2017


I am writing to share about my project Jappy Activity.

This project has been called with different names: Develop JS, Pippy JS,
Taller del Artesano 2.

I've settled for /Jappy Activity, /as in /Ja/vascript /P/rogramming in
/Py/thon Activity.


You can try the current prototype.


Also I've documented where I think the project should be heading in the
corresponding wiki page:


      Secondary Goals

/These are good objectives to achieve with GSOC/

  * An interactive console

  * Build and export zip bundles (.xo)
  * Export as single /index.html/
  * Git version control
  * Collaborative editing (with Y-JS)
  * Internationalization of strings in Exceptions
  * Interactive Debugger, Linter (like http://thonny.org/)
  * Block snippets (like https://codesters.org/)
  * External resources (like http://jsfiddle.net <http://jsfiddle.net/>)
  * Handle other file formats (images, markdown)
  * More examples
  * Learning materials (guides)

I have included as recipients of this email interested students I am
aware of, who might be writing GSOC proposals to help out with this project.

Work on this project is on a best-effort basis. If a student is selected
it would be great to find sponsorship for my mentoring time, as this
project is entirely made out of love.

Feedback is appreciated!



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