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I was going through the ideas page and the following ideas I think suit my
skillset. I need to start writing the proposal, please share reviews and
comments here, so that I can settle on writing a proposal.

I already took a quick review from mentors for the idea - redesigning the
sugarlabs website some days back. And I have started working on the
proposal for it. Will be sharing it for review in a while. I will be using
jekyll for the project. More comments from the community are welcome please
share your views as the website has to be the face of the community on the
webspace and more and more discussion will make it more refined and better.

One doubt I have is can I submit the proposal I was working on last year
again for this year too. As I had worked a lot for it but by mistake
submitted a wrong pdf file last year. link -

Some projects that I would like to discuss about are :

Sugarizer Deployement and Management Tool for Android : It seems like a
good project to work on and will help broaden my horizons. I have worked on
several android and java projects in my courses. I am currently new to
using javafx but am working on some tutorials.

Develop Activity AKA Pippy JS, Taller del Artesano 2 : This is required as
a web activity for sugarizer platform. I am thinking on implementing the
javascript ide first and then the python one. I am not quite clear what
exactly is required to be done here. Do we have a clear formulation of the
idea somewhere. Please share with me any relevant links regarding this. Do
i have to implement the "how to make a new activity" part in the
documentation into a gui format which could be a part of sugarizer as an

timbre widget and manual for music blocks : I have a good knowledge of
music theory and am myself a vocalist, guitar and a rookie drums player. I
have good proficiency in javascript, html, css, python, java and android. I
am familiar with codebase for music blocks and turtleblocks and I think I
can work on it.

Thank you,

Love Mehta
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