[Sugar-devel] Google Code In 2016

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Tue Nov 8 11:12:48 EST 2016

Hi, Walter

Currently for GSOC and GCI, we tell applicants to create a development 
environment. I think that is a mistake. One of the great strengths of 
Sugar is that it is it's own development environment. For example, the 
design of Sugar is that Browse as an activity can be installed directly 
as an xo bundle with a version number independent of the Sugar version 
number. This, of course, has two advantages - a new version of Browse 
can be used on earlier versions of Sugar and the release of Sugar 
provides the ability to execute Sugar activities but is not dependent on 

GCI can be a great opportunity to develop a Sugar release which can be 
installed on standard PCs and supported by Sugar Labs.  Possibly a 
Debian release supported by Sugar Labs would be most flexible. In this 
case there could also be SD card images which work on models of the 
Raspberry Pi. Such a release could be enhanced by users working 
independently and then submitting their working changes for 
incorporation in future official releases.


On 11/07/2016 10:25 AM, Walter Bender wrote:
> Great news. Sugar Labs was once again accepted as one of the 
> organizations participating in Google Code In.
> We have a few weeks to prepare. If you are interested in being a 
> mentor, please contact me and also please sign up at 
> https://codein.withgoogle.com
> If you have project/task ideas, please send them my way or add them to 
> the wiki page at 
> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Google_Code_In_2016#This_is_a_stub_for_25.2B_example_tasks_new_for_GCI_2016.
> As always, I am very much looking forward to GCI.
> regards.
> -walter
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