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Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Jul 26 16:12:13 EDT 2016

El 26/07/16 a las 14:05, Dave Crossland escribió:

> On Jul 26, 2016 2:36 PM, "Sebastian Silva" <sebastian at fuentelibre.org
> <mailto:sebastian at fuentelibre.org>> wrote:
> >
> > El 26/07/16 a las 13:08, Dave Crossland escribió:
> >>
> >> Despite my suggestion to look at zeromq, I think we should be using
> the collaboration protocols that Lionel is using in Sugarizer, so that
> someone running Sugar desktop and someone using Sugarizer on a
> Chromebook (for example, 2 kids in a family at home who attend 2
> different schools that have different hardware purchasing decisions ;)
> could collaborate.  
> >
> > It's not a dichotomy.
> >
> > If two users use the same app [and it supports collaboration] - it
> should just work regardless of the environment where they are run.
> >
> > Much like running etherpad @ titanpad.
> I mean to propose a requirement for any new collaboration system that
> is recommended to all sugar developers be that it support
> collaboration between a python paint application and a Javascript
> paint application.
That sounds challenging and not too useful.
> And therefore the system that meets that requirement is the one used
> by sugarizer today.
> >> However, I am eagerly awaiting Sameer's next installment of the
> vision quest process, because without the vision/mission/etc defined,
> we can't make informed technical decisions about what kind of
> collaboration protocols are best.
> >
> >
> > Maybe we shouldn't have to judge - they can all coexist.
> An anti-design approach where no system is recommended and each
> activity developer can figure out their own system seems counter to
> the aims of a cohesive and consistent learning platform in which
> collaboration is promoted as a top tier feature :)
User facing features are at the application level. How they are
implemented is only a detail. I'd rather have a paint app that
collaborates, no matter how it is built. Currently we have none.

It is part of our philosophy to promote collaboration - at all levels -
open organizations, user freedom, git, wiki, etc.
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