[Sugar-devel] FreeDesktop integration UI discussion

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Jul 26 09:12:48 EDT 2016

El 26/07/16 a las 03:31, Sam Parkinson escribió:

>>> I'd think that this would be best placed in a new My Settings panel
>>> - activities are about documents.  But, I'd agree with you that we
>>> just need a list, with icons and a check to select/deselect.
>> I'm leaning for drag and drop into home view.
> From where?  Dragging what?
Dragging .desktop files into home view (in root window). Standard
desktop environment launchers support dragging items from the menu into
the desktop.

>> *Was forced maximization a design decision based on the XO laptop's
>> screen size? *
>> I think it would make sense to allow resizing or tiling of Sugar
>> Activities (as an option for larger screens).
>> Other desktop environments expect to be able to resize and move
>> windows so I think we should allow it at least in that case.
> We should defiantly allow sugar activities to be resized when they are
> run inside of GNOME.
We should be defiant indeed ;-)
> Inside of Sugar, it would be nice to expose this feature as well.  But
> I think that we need to design it an do it well.  I'm personally a fan
> of how Apple's iOS split view implementation.  It is very simple and
> friendly. It appears to be a design that works well on laptop sized
> screens - from your 7" xos/ipad minis to the 11" ipad.  It probably
> would work well on larger laptops too - I personally just use
> fullscreen or vertical split in GNOME.  But this is for discussion!
Great to know you agree. I am not familiar with iOS split windows
feature, I'll look it up. Indeed it will require some thinking when
adding to Sugar's design.

In my environment (XFCE), I have keys mapped for tiling windows to half
the screen (vertically or horizontally). I find this is pretty handy.

I think Sugar's toolbars might not look well at half width; that's a
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