[Sugar-devel] Thoughts on Collab

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sun Jul 24 04:07:49 EDT 2016

XMPP is a standard protocol (originally called jabber). Currently, 
collaboration is supported on the schoolserver by ejabberd. This 
implementation has not been changed for years AFIK.

In any case, implementation of collaboration probably should be XMPP 
compliant to maintain maximum compatibility with what we are doing now.


On 07/24/2016 08:04 AM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> Currently I can use gajim to chat to Sugar users (it will trigger a Chat
> activity invitation).
> This is the level I meant when I said "backward compatible".
> I don't know if python-nbxmpp or python-farstream support some sort of
> tube, but for sure the api won't be the same as telepathy. Those are
> gajim's foundations.
> El 24/07/16 a las 00:59, sam at sam.today escribió:
>> How?  Who understands how the current code works?  Can we pass xmpp
>> channels from gijam's xmpp library to telepathy?
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