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Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sun Jul 10 11:34:35 EDT 2016

It is hard to describe 'Untitled' as an innovation since it is used by 
major applications everywhere.


On 07/10/2016 02:51 PM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> Tony,
> Please don't write in private.
> "Untitled" is an innovation. Currently untitled documents carry the 
> activity name.
> El 10/07/16 a las 07:04, Tony Anderson escribiĆ³:
>> Hi, All
>> I don't understand why this has to be so difficult. If you have ever 
>> used an MS Office or Libre Office application, you know that you have 
>> the option to save and the option to save as. This means that you can 
>> 'save', overwriting the document stored on disk (updating it) or save 
>> as, meaning you can store it as a new document with the name and 
>> location of your choosing.
>> In the case of Sugar, the document will be stored in the Journal so 
>> the user has no need or opportunity to choose a location. However, 
>> there is still a need to be able to 'save' or 'save as' .
>> Consider:
>> You open Paint and create a red X and save it as x. Then you open x 
>> and change the image to a blue O. You want to save it as O, so you 
>> change the name.
>> Now try to open X. It is gone.
>> Suppose you open Paint to show someone how to select a brush and give 
>> it a color. You scribble something. When asked for a name, you click 
>> on 'quit' because there is not need to save this image.
>> The alert should be simple:
>> *Please give your project a title.   [Untitled]     Save Quit*
>> The default title is 'Untitled' not 'Write.activity'. If the user 
>> clicks save with the title unchanged, it is ignored. If the user 
>> clicks on Quit, the activity quits (with no save of the Document - 
>> but the metadata is saved). if the user resumes an activity the alert 
>> shows:
>> *Change the title to save as a new document    [X]  Save Quit*
>>  The user changes the title [X] to [Y]. Then Save saves Y to the 
>> Journal and X is still in the Journal as well. If the user doesn't 
>> change and clicks Save, the X object is deleted and the new X version 
>> is saved. if the user clicks on Quit - the document is not saved, the 
>> original X document is in the Journal
>> and the activity quits.
>> Tony

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