[Sugar-devel] Release Sugar unstable

sam at sam.today sam at sam.today
Sun Jul 10 07:12:24 EDT 2016

Hi All,

This release has many changed since the previous release:

* @icarto has added support to gtk2 activities for running under GNOME
* fixes icons not showing on systems that 320
* @quozl fixed palette invocation on startup
* little fixes for touch palette positioning
* palettes pop down more quickly - unifyed popdown
* Remove Dari and Guarani languages workaround - @quozl
* Refactor journal.objectChooser according to popup module in 
toolkit-gtk3 - @AbrahmAB

Please find the tarballs on download.sugarlabs.org in the usual places. 
 Note that there are tarballs for only the following modules:  sugar, 
sugar-toolkit-gtk3, sugar-toolkit (first release since 0.98!!!).
There is no sugar-artwork release this time.  It is advised to use in combination with this release.

Although I promised that this would be the last release with a WebKit1 
dep, that was a lie.  Next release I suppose - I have patches this time.

As usual, the COPR has been updated, although sugar-toolkit has not 
been added to the copr yet.  That may happen soon.

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