[Sugar-devel] Working text to speech example needed

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 21:21:21 EST 2016

I have been neglecting my Sugar Activities for a long time, and I'm trying
to get them back in shape and using GTK3. I find that my Read Etexts
Activity, one of the first to use Aleksey Lim's gstreamer for espeak, no
longer works. I have code in there which is supposed to detect the presence
of the gst espeak package and use it if available and hide the speech
buttons on the toolbar if it cannot.

Needless to say, the buttons are hidden.

I'm looking for Activities that use speech and work. The obvious candidate,
Speak, has code in Git that looks very much like the code I'm using. I saw
several versions in Git and they all use similar code:


shows the code I use to detect whether gst-plugins-espeak will work. The
log messages show it disabled.

I thought updating the code to use Gst might be the answer, but I don't
have that working either.

Are there any working applications that use gst-plugins-espeak?

James Simmons
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