[Sugar-devel] Memorize Mod

Sora Edwards-Thro sora at unleashkids.org
Mon Jan 11 21:54:22 EST 2016

Hi all,

Gonzalo Odiard came up with a really neat way to use the art4apps image
library in Memorize. You match each image to its written version. It's a
great way to practice a second language or introduce beginning readers to a
first. Remember, Memorize has a text-to-speech engine so it can read the
words out loud, too. Super-cool.

We've done this the long way in Haiti before (kids take pictures of
objects, I write out the English / French words for them), and everyone's
always been really enthusiastic about it.

Problem is, the default thing that comes up when you launch a new instance
of Memorize is math flashcards. So, everyone knows it as the "math

I'm currently putting together a literacy-focused build; we'd like to add a
Memorize that opens with a word-picture demo to it.

If anyone's available to help making the needed modifications to Memorize,
please let me know. I have a feeling that others in the community will find
this version of it useful. There are other places you can go to practice
addition (+1 to TuxMath) but there aren't as many tools available for
language learners.
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