[Sugar-devel] Details regarding GSOC projects

Lionel Laské lionel at olpc-france.org
Sat Feb 27 03:26:20 EST 2016

Hi Batchu,

Thank to your interest on our GSOC proposals.
Few words to complement Walter answer:

> 1)Sugarizer activity set
> For this we are required to port the 3 activities to javascript. Are we
> restricted to these 3 or can we expand the project if time permits us
> to?

These 3 activities are important to be ported first so it's just a priority
If the time permit, sure you could be able to expand the port to other
Last year, my student Michaël had time to port 3 1/2 activities :-)

> 2)Tux Math
> I was quite interested in this activity as I have used it before and
> found it a great tool and a fun way to learn. Are we supposed to
> implement this as a python activity or a javascript activity?

May be Tony could answer on this but my opinion is that the Tank Operation
activity already do the job in JavaScript so we don't need a JavaScript
port of Tux Math.

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