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It was pointed out by Andres that the link included in the Gould Grant is
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On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 10:40 AM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com>

> I was asked to repost the Statement of Work for the Gould grant. Please
> see below:
> Description of the specific project for which funding is requested,
> including goals and objectives.
> This grant would support Sugar Labs in implementing a pilot of the “Sugar
> on a Stick” program at the Gardner Pilot Academy (GPA) in the Allston
> neighborhood of Boston. Sugar itself is in use in tens of thousands of
> classrooms around the world, but this would be the first school to make
> Sugar available to children using inexpensive USB memory sticks instead of
> laptop computers. If successful, it will serve as a model that will greatly
> expand the reach of Sugar and the pedagogical models upon which it is based.
> Sugar Labs has created a system that can store Sugar and a computer
> operating system on a 1GB USB (memory) stick. Each student will be provided
> with a preloaded stick, which they can simply insert into any computer,
> restart, and be immediately connected to their personal suite of
> collaborative, creative and Web 2.0 learning tools. Students will have “any
> time, any computer” access to learning. A server at the school will store
> and back up student's work allowing students to easily receive a new USB
> stick in case theirs break or is lost. Sugar on a Stick also comes with
> journal and portfolio assessment components that allow teachers and parents
> to monitor student work.
> If funded, our Gould Foundation project will allow us to provide each
> student at Gardner Pilot Academy with Sugar on a Stick. Students at the
> GPA, as at many other US schools, need greater and more affordable access
> to computing. Sugar on a Stick allows students to use Sugar on computers in
> the classroom, at home, at grandma’s, anywhere and everywhere there is a
> computer. By deploying it on a USB stick we believe we have the potential
> to easily reach an order of magnitude more children than are currently
> being reached by one-to-one laptop programs.
> Sugar is a completely different visual experience and so we recommend that
> you watch a demo of the program in action to get a feel for how it's
> different from other computing experiences. We offer you a link to the demo
> created for an exhibit on design at the Museum of Modern Art:
> http://www.sugarlabs.org/index.php?template=gallery&page=media_01
> There are hundreds of different, free, open-source activities and books
> that can be added to Sugar (www.activities.sugarlabs.org). These include:
> word processing
> artistic expression by creating graphics and rich media
> journals and portfolios to use for reflection, assessment, and discussion
> web browsing and interactive web activities
> playing as well as making movies and music
> reading electronic books
> creating and playing games with other students in their class
> programming
> The Gardner Pilot Academy is the flagship full-service community school
> within the Boston Public Schools (BPS). The school's vision is to educate
> the minds and develop the characters of all students in partnership with
> families and community. To achieve this GPA provides high quality teaching
> along with a range of social, emotional and enrichment programs delivered
> by means of partnerships with an array of community organizations and
> individuals. Over the past twelve years, GPA has developed strong
> associations with four universities, several health and mental health
> agencies, the YMCA, and various organizations teaching visual and
> performing arts. As one of just 20 pilot schools in the BPS, GPA is exempt
> from district mandates. Therefore, GPA has autonomy in the areas of budget
> and personnel, along with the freedom to implement innovative curricula,
> assessments, and interventions.
> GPA is located only a few blocks from Harvard Business School and so is
> convenient for project development participants who may be students at one
> of Boston’s many universities.
> The school currently has a single computer lab with older computers
> running Windows 2000. We will be soliciting donations of used equipment
> from local business to supplement these existing resources. Sugar can be
> used at all elementary levels and curriculum areas.
> Sugar is free software, based on Linux and licensed under the Gnu Public
> License (GPL). All the software, documentation and curriculum we create
> during this project will be freely available to anyone to use, improve, and
> redistribute.
> regards.
> -walter
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