[Sugar-devel] Help Needed adding a module to my Activity

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Aug 8 09:42:35 EDT 2016

El 08/08/16 a las 01:30, Sam Parkinson escribió:
> Side note:  It would be so much better if Sugar activities could just
> declare dependencies.  Just say something like "bindeps=fontmake".  If
> we just made them all into RPMs/DEBs and had a AppStream based store
> interface ... that would be nice.  ASLOv2v2 is just something
> automatically building rpms and debs?
The practice of embedding dependencies within bundles is really bad, it
implies duplication where two activities share a dependency, or, in the
case of multiple architectures, bloat. Finally it makes it nearly
imposisble to account for bugs and vulnerabilities.

Once upon a time Aleksey Lim proposed the "recipe" specification to
overcome activity.info deficiencies. I wonder if it would be possible to
reuse some of his work:


I saw it working in alpha verision. Currently Hexoquinasa OS image
package list is built in part from dependencies declared in recipe files.
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