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justin at polymath.ninja justin at polymath.ninja
Sat Apr 23 22:52:32 EDT 2016

I've tested on my Note5, my daughter's Nabi 2, an older Galaxy Tab, and 
the chrome Web App. There are some glitches in different activities. 
There isn't a way to add/remove/manage activities available within the 

Little details get in the way. My phone's status-bar covers up part of 
the screen for while, but the screen doesn't move out of the way. There 
are no error messages when things just don't work (maybe needs proactive 
checking for ability of device to support specific activities?).  
Example: E-Toys is just a black screen on my Note 5. Turtle blocks is 
difficult to use with pallets that scroll down past the bottom of the 
screen. Swiping doesn't work and there are no scrollbars. If my phone 
auto-locks while in an activity, the rendering is often garbled after 
unlocking it.

I understand the challenges of getting things working across a variety 
of devices, and I'm impressed with what I see. Especially considering 
this is volunteer work. However, Sugarizer isn't really a platform yet. 
It's very much a collection of activities on an android, but it doesn't 
feel like a platform from a user's perspective.

ABC Mouse is a platform, but it's closed. Even though it's well polished 
it still has some glitches in the android version.

Wings Learning System is a pretty good platform, but it's a bit 
sluggish. My child can add new content within that platform, and I know 
that it's curated. To my knowledge this is only available on the Nabi 
tablets, and the Nabi 2 is extremely slow.

I like Sugar and Sugarizer, and I see the potential. I like the pedagogy 
behind Sugar. It's a project I want to support, but at the same time I 
want to develop apps I know will be used.

On 2016-04-23 21:20, Dave Crossland wrote:
> On 23 April 2016 at 22:14, <justin at polymath.ninja> wrote:
>> Once Sugarizer is more mature I'll probably target it directly, but
>> right now it doesn't seem like its there yet.
> What do you think "there" would be like?
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