[Sugar-devel] Issue tracking on Github?

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Wed Apr 20 22:25:01 EDT 2016


On 20 April 2016 at 19:58, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:

> Solution 1 is a change that may lose ticket reporters,

Hmm, do you mean people will refuse to report tickets because its Github?

> and creates an
> environment where instead of there being one place to report tickets,
> the place to report will depend on diagnosis (isolation to component)
thus requiring diagnosis to occur before reporting.

Incorrect :) I think its fine to use the sugar repo's issue tracker as a
central place to report tickets, unless you already know where they go, and
then upon diagnosis the issue can potentially be re-filed under another

> Hopefully by bringing diagnosis into a mailing list somewhere.

I would ideally see sugar-dev made read-only and shift all developer
discussions to the issue tracker ;)

> Quality of the
> problem description will increase.  There will be many closed issues
> "not caused by this component." which will look good when it comes
> time to say how many issues were closed.

Incorrect; the issues should be kept open until they are resolved, although
they might link to issues filed in other repos.

> Solution 2 is further disruptive.

I actually like the idea of a "Sugar Lab On A Stick" which is to say, if
everything was in [a] distribute version control system repo[s], then the
repo[s] could be distributed to mostly-offline communities (using
outernet.is or similar) who could be productive for say 6 weeks or 6
months, and then their commits could find their way back to the central
Sugar Labs mothership repos - eg, via sneaker-net from village to town and
then uploaded. For that I think Github won't work, because the PR and issue
discussions are not kept in the repo. The best self-contained DVCS solution
I've seen to this is, as I said, www.fossil-scm.org, although there are
some git-based systems.

If Sugar Labs had just grown and grown, then I would be supporting (2). But
I think that the relative weakness of the overall project means that, as
Jamie said, we ought to redouble our focus on our 'core competencies'; I
think we ought to focus on growing the community, by re-orientating the
project to all the complementary projects going on around the world, and
consolidating on Github (where the vast majority of libre software projects
are run) will help that growth.

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