[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2016 Website Redesign

Venketesh Mahapatra mahapatra.venketesh at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 11:11:50 EDT 2016

I have also applied for GSOC 2016. I had an exam so  I couldn't reply to
the messages. I have some suggestions and doubts regarding the technologies
used. I may be wrong in that case please correct me.

Mozilla addons - I think a better alternative may be instantsearchJS
https://community.algolia.com/instantsearch.js/ . It is faster and the UX
is pretty good.
demo: https://community.algolia.com/instantsearch.js/examples/media/

planet - an option to use 2 themes (Day/Night) will be nice. It needs a
better background and frame box design.
reference: http://planet.gnome.org/

pootle- i like the translation site as it is now. some changes in color(to
match with the whole website) and  an icon is needed

gitorious: this website uses gitorious https://git.sugarlabs.org/ but
gitlab acquired gitorious. so should we move to gitlab (community edition
is free) ?
here are the features: https://about.gitlab.com/features/#compare

MediaWiki: a custom bootstrap skin can be used which will match the
website. It is optional because many people are habituated with the old
one.   link: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Skin:BootStrapSkin

main website: At the time of applying for GSOC I made a mockup which can be
seen here:
I have also listed the problems in the current web page and how it can be
solved please take a look.

Venketesh Mahapatra
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