[Sugar-devel] Any js related beginner bugs that I can work on

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Wed Apr 20 04:44:32 EDT 2016

Take a look at how you can contribute to Sugarizer. One focus is on 
converting existing Python activities to work in Sugarizer (and also as 
Naturally, new activities would also be helpful.


On 04/20/2016 04:32 PM, Love Mehta wrote:
> Hello all,
> Hope you are doing well.
> I was going through the bugs list at bugs.sugarlabs.org 
> <http://bugs.sugarlabs.org> and observed that most of the bugs needed 
> knowledge of python. I have spent much time on the buglist and found a 
> number of bugs interesting to work on but they required the knowledge 
> of python. I am a javascript developer and am finding it difficult to 
> find bugs to start with.
> To gain some confidence I am looking for a beginner level bug which is 
> mostly based on js related work.
> Can anybody point me to any of the bugs that require javascript or any 
> other webapps based knowledge that I can work on?
> Also any other bug which requires very low knowledge of python and can 
> be fixed with simple understanding and short changes will also be fine 
> to get me started.
> Thanks,
> Love
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