[Sugar-devel] How to install TuxMath and TuxPaint on Release 13.2.5+ on "ALL" XOs!

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Oct 15 02:17:59 EDT 2015

Can you tell us the length of the testing you've done?

My tests of 2.0.3 on 31st August were horrifying.  Too unstable.  It
keeps crashing, within minutes.  Errors like "Video Surface changed
from outside of SDL_Extras!"

Tony reported similar on sugar-devel@ on 2nd June, with Segmentation
Fault.  Looking back at the mail thread, we think these are Fedora
related issues; the same version of TuxMath works fine on Ubuntu, and
later Fedora.  In the end, he agreed we need "someone to fix TuxMath
on Fedora 18, and then package it in the same way as before, as a

The difference between your TuxMath-3.1.xo and TuxMath-3.2.xo is the
latter has "max_participants = 1", meaning it can't be shared by
collaboration.  That's better.

Your arm/ directory is empty.  We have XO-1.75 and XO-4 packages


When you have it working with OSBuilder, please submit a patch.

I'm glad this isn't turning out to be one of those rainbow pooing
unicorn events, and that somebody is actually working on it!

Meanwhile, I'm looking for kernel developers to help with porting to
later kernels on all XO laptops so that we can go to a more recent

James Cameron

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