[Sugar-devel] [Announcing] UNSTABLE 0.107.0 release

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 04:47:38 EST 2015

> As an official kick-off for the 0.108 development cycle [1], we have
> released a new UNSTABLE version of Sugar. This first 0.107.x release
> includes a fair amount of changes and fixes, so please help us testing it!
> Tarballs:
> http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/glucose/sugar/sugar-0.107.0.tar.xz
> http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/glucose/sugar-toolkit-gtk3/sugar-toolkit-gtk3-0.107.0.tar.xz
> http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/glucose/sugar-artwork/sugar-artwork-0.107.0.tar.xz
> http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/glucose/sugar-datastore/sugar-datastore-0.107.0.tar.xz
> http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/glucose/sugar-runner/sugar-runner-0.107.0.tar.xz

This is now in Fedora 24, sorry for the delay in pushing this.

> The major goal for the final 0.108 release is to get collaboration fixed,
> but we just recently got some progress thanks to Sam and Walter, therefore I
> have updated the roadmap [1] with new deadlines to make sure we have time to
> work on this. Note that the work needed to reach this goal is not trivial,
> therefore, I am willing to be flexible with our deadlines for this cycle,
> depending on the progress.

I see "Catch up with more Gtk changes." as a goal too, the changes for
WebKit2 would be useful in this list, this affects only Browse but it
means we end up shipping two WebKit stacks which are LARGE! It might
be as simple as just detecting new bindings and doing "if v2 import X
else import y" for the bindings, I don't know webkit though :)


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