[Sugar-devel] ./osbuild shell not valid command

Jerry Vonau me at jvonau.ca
Thu Nov 26 04:32:08 EST 2015

> On November 24, 2015 at 2:14 PM James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
> I'd like to see *.spec.in and a debian equivalent hosted in the
> upstream repositories, along with README files that explain how to
> make packages from the repositories.

Here here, total agreement from me.

> However, I don't see the need for COPR, automatic test suites, or
> other automata.  These automata obscure the process and lead to silos
> of expertise, and when people move on the remaining automata fall
> down.

I'll agree that the automated testing can wait, but I'll disagree on COPR.
COPR is enabled by using "dnf enable SugarLabs/sugar-0.107"(doesn't exist
yet) as the equivalent in the Debian world to "deb [trusted=yes]
http://dev.laptop.org/pub/us trusty main" but without having to host the

> I'd prefer to reduce complexity rather than increase it, giving more
> time for people to hack on the actual code.

Think we have the same goal, just trying to reduce the hoops for newer
developers and for easier public testing before release.


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