[Sugar-devel] AbiWord 3.next release plans

Sam P. sam at sam.today
Tue Nov 24 05:27:18 EST 2015

Hi Hubert,

I cloned the abiword repository (r35148) and built abiword with the
following options:

    ./configure --enable-collab-backend-sugar --enable-plugins="collab"

This triggers no compilation errors, only deprecation warnings about Gtk.
The gtk deprecations are from the zebra striping
(gtk_tree_view_set_rules_hint), which has been removed from gtk so it
doesn't want that hint any more.  (Removing the zebra striping needed like
a massive announcement, but it didn't seem to get any).  You can remove
those 2 calls to gtk_tree_view_set_rules_hint in the collab code and it
still runs fine.

Only the "service" backend depends on GNU tls.  I believe that this is the
abicollab.net backend, but I'm not sure.

This seems to indicate that the sugar backend is ok for now, and that's the
backed that bothers me.


On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 2:36 PM, Hubert Figuière <hfiguiere at teaser.fr>

> On 22/11/15 06:25 PM, Martin Edmund Sevior wrote:
> > Sorry for not responding sooner. In general Hub I agree with your
> > plans for abiword-3.1 however I would vote against depreciating the
> > abicollab plugin. The abicollab.net service is up and running though
> > I don’t know how much longer Marc Maurer will maintain it.
> Now I have another problem about that service: I don't even have the
> possibility to install a server, even to test.
> So maybe there need to be a plan for that.
> > I didn't realise the gnutls API had changed. I don’t know if I'll get
> > the time to fit it for GNUtls > 3.4 but I'd like to see if get it
> > running again.
> They have changed for quite a while. We got compilation warnings for a
> bit. Like the collab plugin trigger a good bunch of Gtk deprecation
> warnings that needs to be fixed...
> Hub
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