[Sugar-devel] errors for Gstreamer in sugar 0.102

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Fri Nov 20 15:11:43 EST 2015


You are attempting to compile gstreamer on a computer that doesn't have
a C compiler.

I suggest you attempt first to download an RPM package for the gstreamer
component that corresponds to your fedora release.
Try looking here:

You can try to install it by issuing rpm -Uvh /file.rpm/ command.

Btw I think most of the people you cc: are already on sugar-devel

On 20/11/15 14:24, samson goddy wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry i was trying to install gstreamer plugin via terminal. I keep
> getting this errors. The configure has the error.
> her are the code i used
> cd gstreamer
> ./configure
> that where i stop
> Best regards
> samson

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