[Sugar-devel] SOAS Fedora 22 Final Release: Collaboration in Activities

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed May 20 23:41:15 EDT 2015

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 08:10:38PM -0700, Thomas Gilliard wrote:
> On 5/20/2015 6:52 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> >Are you finding this problem with peer to peer (telepathy salut) or
> >with a jabber server (telepathy gabble)?
> >
> >Do the two SOAS share a network?
> >
> >Did previous SOAS work okay?
> >
> >Is there a ticket number?
> https://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3629  maybe  there are a lot of tickets

Yeah, that one doesn't match.  What I'm after are detailed problem
descriptions; not a "it doesn't work, why don't you test it to prove
me wrong", but rather what was tried, what the result was, and what
the expectation was.

One problem description for each of the three connection methods; with
Jabber, without Jabber but with access point, and with ad-hoc.

> I like the way you fixed the OLPC sugar Ubuntu!  collaboration in
> sugar 0.104  on jabber.sugarlabs.org

Thanks, but we're talking about SOAS in this thread.

> The fedora 22 RC-2 collaboration fails
>  Shared activities and collaboration has failed since about 0.98 in
>  fedora

Thanks.  (This is worrying.  Collaboration is so fundamental and yet it
has stayed broken for so long?)

I don't think this relates to 0.98, because 0.98 works fine on other
Fedora systems such as XO laptops.  But that gives us a date range.

Thomas, check your notes; did it work with a Fedora 18 SOAS?

James Cameron

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