[Sugar-devel] Palette Animations

Sam P. sam.parkinson3 at gmail.com
Tue May 12 04:06:29 EDT 2015

Hi All,

(I'm not sure if we have a design mailing list, so I will just email

I was looking at the sugar demo video on the website [1], and I noticed 1
thing in particular.  The palette animations were super awesome in that

So after doing some fixing on the animation code, the goal of trying to get
those smooth animations started to consume my entire life.  I have been
able to create an early prototype [2] and have made a screen recording if
you want [3].  It will definitely not land for this cycle :)

But I was thinking, maybe we should have a design discussion about this
feature?  I don't know if any discussion happened before, but maybe some
did because it in the official video.

Do you think this is something to peruse?


[1] http://sugarlabs.org/assets/sugar_demo.ogg
[3] https://vid.me/RKmL
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