[Sugar-devel] Community XO software builds

Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Wed May 6 08:19:45 EDT 2015

Hi Sam,

>    - Who actually is using/testing these images?
> I downloaded it (XO-1 and XO-4 versions).

>    - Why?
> To test if all is working in a new Fedora, and to try find a solution
for the Browse problems in the XO-1. Sadly wifi connectivity
is not working ok in the F20 images.

>    - Is there a reason you are not looking into using an official (OLPC
>    or deployment) build?
> For distribution, today is more stable the F18 version. But we need move
then we need solve the problems we find in newer versions.

>    - Have you engaged OLPC or another party to work on changes?
> Yes.

>    - What direction do you believe the builds should go?
> I think we should try make a build using CentOS. I don't know
if have all the packages we need, but the rate of change in Fedora
was difficult to follow when OLPC had a team dedicated and now
is almost impossible. The true is we didn't finished to solve
the problems we found in F20, and Fedora is working in F22.

Building XO builds by repacking existing work is relatively trivial.
> But the low-level kernel, driver, and OS work necessary to support XOs
> with newer operating systems (as well as newer XO batteries) is something I
> cannot do, and where we really need help.

> Without guidance from OLPC or others, I could build thousands of XO-#
> laptop images.  But unless it looks like a significant number of
> deployments/children actually would benefit, there really is no point.
> I think the benefit is provide a environment where we can test, fill bugs,
But if there are no people with the knowledge and the time to work
in the low level stuff, will be difficult.

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