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Anybody knows where are coming these spam tickets?
I can't find it anywhere in bugs.sugarlabs.org,
is not in the moderator queue
and the links point to other bugs.
Is the second today.


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> #0: The Numerous Iphone Games
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>  Paper Toss - This clever sport will remind you of the workplace. The item
>  is to toss crumpled items of paper into a trashcan. Beware! This 1 is
>  addicting!
>  Crack for [http://iphonetopgame.com/clash-of-clans-gem-hack/ clash of
>  clans hack january 2015] are easy to discover and there are a lot of
>  websites all more than the net that can help you to get them for free. In
>  this way you gained't have to pay quite a penny for the important codes or
>  passwords that are allotted via the sport maker or even gaming business.
>  You can get ion game hacks for totally free for any type of game that you
>  want to play. Clash of clans is a very well-known game that's also new to
>  the globe of web plays. These who are avid players would adore a problem
>  the sport provides nevertheless individuals who are not too competitively
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>  In addition to android games, the Sony Pill S will also operate classic
>  PSX and PSP video games. PSX classics Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes
>  arrive on the Tablet S.
>  Nonetheless, this mobile device is such an inspiring. It has incredible
>  attributes like twin processor, 4G LTE and it can also support 4G
>  community. It has an inbuilt memory with enough area to shop numerous
>  favorite games. Furthermore, this intelligent telephone arrives alongside
>  with the microSD card slot to mention but a few. The benefit with this
>  gadget is its wide screen that allows one to have distinct eyesight.
>  Therefore, there is distinct require for screen protectors that will
>  maintain off all scratches and dirt from your mobile telephone's screen.
>  The sport pad make this cellular more attractive to customers.
>  MotionX Poker is a informal dice sport that can be picked up and played
>  any time, whether or not waiting for somebody to be ready to leave,
>  heading to the rest room, or attempting to fall asleep at night. Roll the
>  dice with a shake of the gadget, and watch the dice bounce around the
>  display with real physics before settling in their last place. Then choose
>  and maintain the dice that you wish to maintain, and roll again to produce
>  straights, pairs, complete houses, and 5-of-a-kinds.
>  3D ball animation is absolutely the best ball sport that android has to
>  provide to android enthusiasts! It is also the one favored by expert
>  android gamers. This game is so exciting simply because a ball eight and a
>  ball 9 can be played towards each other. If you are certain to evaluate
>  just correct, you can put the ball in the gap and prove your self an
>  excellent player.
>  But that's not the only factor this pill can offer. Customers can link
>  their PS3 or XBOX 360 controllers on the Infinity which provides to the
>  general gaming encounter. If you are used to taking part in on a Pc, you
>  ought to know that this slate supports a keyboard dock. Lastly, you can
>  connect the pill to any exterior display that has an HDMI port.
>  We have noticed those little pigs and birds all over the place. You can
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>  everywhere. So this
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>  calculation] could be about right.
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