[Sugar-devel] Git Backend Architecture | GSoC'15

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Mar 23 03:55:30 EDT 2015

Most if not all of the git size increase is caused by the checked out working copy.  That would not happen though.  A backend would use a bare repository.  A working copy of an entry would only exist for the duration of an activity.

If it did become a problem, it should be possible to turn off this feature for systems with limited space, like XO-1.  I don't think the XO-1 is sufficient reason to avoid git altogether.  We have XO-4 now.  Sugar must move on, and not be held back by an installed base of XO-1.  Let the user decide how to use the space available.  

If the datastore (which is used to store the journal) were to use the same method as it does now for most entries, then there would be no size increase.

Then, the user might select an entry in the journal for which a git backend is to be used.  Once this is done, a history of changes to this entry can be kept.

On the other hand, this all seems premature.  Before the implementation details are debated, describe the user work flow.

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