[Sugar-devel] GSoC projects

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Thu Mar 19 12:11:13 EDT 2015

By no means!

It actually is a great idea.

Since you had the idea (or the itch) to fix this, I would ask that you,
please, see it thru to completion.     ;-)
Take 10 minutes to list all the ways trying Sugar could be improved, or,
where not improved, at least better documented.

There. Now you will have a meaningful GSoC Project:*
    'Improve Sugar's "first impression" User Experience: Sugar on a
Stick / Trisquel on a Toast '*
This is an interesting project because it is _not only_ coding but
heavily, design and some marketing.

In my mind it would be to:

  * Make a custom lili / unetbootin / etc installer capable of
    presenting simple wizard like creation tool.
  * Put some useful information in Soas / Toast.
  * Maybe solve the installer chicken-egg problem (can't trust a kid
    with a partitioning installer).
  * Document all of this
  * Make it so that the solution is flexible for the future
  * Make a website that offers the friendliest solution based on
    platform, and turns to Sugarizer as worst-case

Register for being a mentor
<http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/connection/pick/google/gsoc2015> at
google melange. Then you have to "add a connection" to Sugar Labs as a
Don't ask me, the UI is horrible. They get themselves help in this regard.

Please do this. It will amplify Sugar Lab's usefulness for sure.


El 19/03/15 a las 10:51, Iain Brown Douglas escibió:
> I take that as an `inappropriate`, then :)

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