[Sugar-devel] GSOC 2015: JS interactive shell

Kushan Joshi ikushan at me.com
Wed Mar 18 12:34:05 EDT 2015

Hello developers,

I am Kushan Joshi currently pursuing my Bachelors in Technology  from DA-IICT, India. I would like to discuss about the project Interactive Javascript Shell. I went through Sugar Labs code, to get a feel of the whole project. The current discussion and projects seemed to be geared towards web, which is pretty good in my opinion.

I tried to make a very rough draft version of Javascript shell web app. I request the mentor to please go through the link below and give me some suggestions to improve it. 


The current version of app,doesn’t do DOM manipulations and exceptions to name a few. I have a whole roadmap of stuff I am planning to implement this summer. Regarding this app, I had to choose between acorn and esprima. Though me being a big fan of Marjin Haverbeke, I was completely sold to acorn.js.

I request Tony Anderson to please review this draft version JS shell and give me some suggestions. 
And then I want to further discuss about the feature set that can I plan to  add (*please note this is just a list, I plan to dive further in my application)
- Debugging
- DOM manipulations ( A big like JS fiddle, but more geared towards target audience of Sugar)
- Play ground like interactivity (Here I would like to point out  ‘Swift’. I really like the way they have implemented it for Swift and would really want to   develop a similar thing for sugar)
- Exception handlings
- Performance tweaks ( since sugar runs on a very modest hardware)
- Fun learning activities, to make students play and learn.
- Syntax highlighting ( I am not really sure of this as I got to know the mentor is not very much fond of IDEs in particular)

Thanks a lot,

Kushan Joshi
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