[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2015: Interactive JavaScript Shell

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Tue Mar 10 03:11:46 EDT 2015


I suspect the files are small enough to send by attachment to an email. 
I am sure as we move into this there will be more 'official' ways to do 

Packaging is something I haven't given much thought to. My guess is that 
we should package it for the XO as a Sugar Activity, although a 
reasonable alternative is
to put it in a special place such as /home/olpc/Documents/jsplayer and 
let the user launch it in the browser by 
file:///home/olpc/Documents/jsplayer/. It could also be packaged as a 
'plugin' to the Browse activity. For deployments with a local server, it 
could be something like http://schoolserver/jsplayer.


On 03/10/2015 02:43 PM, Richa Sehgal wrote:
> Dear Tony,
> I have created a light-weight version of jsfiddle which lets user 
> enters HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, and when the user clicks Run 
> method, the code is executed. Its a very basic prototype, with no 
> fancy design stuff, but I will create a great design for the actual 
> Activity that would be integrated in Sugar.
> To enable the code to run in offline mode, I have used basic HTML and 
> JS primitives without jquery library and so on. So it should be very 
> easy to just download the file and open in any browser. The code takes 
> the HTML, CSS and JS input and inserts it in the relevant HTML tags in 
> the iframe DOM (like style, etc).
> There are two files - jsfiddle-prototype.html and style.css. I am not 
> sure what the policies of this mailing lists are for sharing files, so 
> I would send these separately to you. Please let me know otherwise.
> I hope you like the prototype. Please send me your opinion and the 
> next steps in the project. I am really looking forward to have a JS 
> Shell Activity integrated in Sugar :)
> Thanks a lot,
> Richa
> On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 11:44 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net 
> <mailto:tony_anderson at usa.net>> wrote:
>     Great, carry on!
>     Tony
>     On 03/09/2015 02:10 PM, Richa Sehgal wrote:
>         Dear Tony,
>         Thanks for replying back. I am glad to you have as my mentor!
>         Using the underlying JS course for testing is a great idea. We
>         can integrate that as a help tutorial - depending upon the
>         time available.
>         Currently I have started looking into the implementation of
>         jsfiddle and would report back about my learnings. I am sure
>         that there are other platforms too - I would look into these
>         too. I would make a prototype and share with you the code.
>         This way we can put our thinking hats together and iterate
>         over a concrete plan. I also have some ideas that would make
>         this tool more fun and engaging to use, keeping in mind that
>         the target audience is students.
>         Thanks a lot,
>         Richa

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