[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2015: Interactive JavaScript Shell

Richa Sehgal richasehgal2908 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 02:10:33 EDT 2015

Dear Tony,

Thanks for replying back. I am glad to you have as my mentor! Using the
underlying JS course for testing is a great idea. We can integrate that as
a help tutorial - depending upon the time available.

Currently I have started looking into the implementation of jsfiddle and
would report back about my learnings. I am sure that there are other
platforms too - I would look into these too. I would make a prototype and
share with you the code. This way we can put our thinking hats together and
iterate over a concrete plan. I also have some ideas that would make this
tool more fun and engaging to use, keeping in mind that the target audience
is students.

Thanks a lot,

On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 5:32 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> At the moment I am the mentor in mentors. Your understanding of the
> project matches mine. One thing we need to be careful about is fair use of
> the materials such as jsfiddle and and Code Academy. These sites do permit
> them to be used online, but do not authorize rehosting on a local server or
> redistributing to others.
> Fair use, as far as I know, permits implementing a capability like
> jsfiddle independently and creating a javascript course that covers the
> same topics as Code Academy. Fortunately there are a number of free
> Javascript courses on the internet which could be used as a starting point.
> Recent versions of Sugar have a Browse Activity which is based on Webkit.
> Whatever we do should work in that environment.
> Your focus should be on the interactive js tool. The underlying javascript
> course could be used primarily to test the capabilities of the tool to
> handle those features.
> Tony
> On 03/09/2015 03:30 AM, Richa Sehgal wrote:
>> Dear Mentors,
>> I am currently pursuing Master's in University of Illinois at Urbana
>> Champaign, USA and completed by B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology
>> - Delhi (IIT- Delhi).
>> I went through the various awesome projects and I really liked
>> “Interactive JavaScript Shell”.
>> To get some background, I installed the developer version of Sugar on my
>> VirtualBox based Ubuntu VM. It is really a powerful tool to spark interest
>> in learning in students. I played with Turtle Blocks, and also installed
>> various activities. The Jump activity really brought back some childhood
>> memories!
>> Coming to the Interactive JavaScript Shell project, I would like to
>> discuss some ideas with the community. There are various tools like
>> jsfiddle that can run JS on the fly. There is also an awesome tutorial on
>> JS: on code academy, that teaches JS from scratch. I looked into it and
>> basically what they do is teach some concepts like loops and functions, and
>> give interesting problems for students to solve and run it. They start with
>> “enter your name”, and display it and then slowly proceed with the steps.
>> We can discuss and see what features we want to implement in our own tool.
>> Having it run offline is very important as Sugar Learning Platform is
>> used by many students who do not have access to internet. This is not a
>> problem. The platform already has a browser integrated, and it doesn’t care
>> about offline mode if the html/JS is available locally. So we can just
>> store copies of libraries like jquery, etc locally.
>> I would like to discuss more specifically about this so that I can scope
>> my proposal in a better way, and develop the timeline accordingly. It would
>> be great if the mentors can guide me in this regard.
>> Thanks
>> Richa Sehgal
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