[Sugar-devel] Community OS 14.1.0 Version 2

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Thu Mar 5 10:02:26 EST 2015

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 6:55 AM, Samuel Greenfeld <samuel at greenfeld.org>

> I have updated the XO-1/1.5/1.75/4 images I previously made.
> The updated images can be found at
> http://www.greenfeld.org/xo/community/builds/14.1.0/build_2/

Profound Thanks Sam, and the Many Others behind this work.  Nobody wants to
believe it outside of Silicon Valley's plastic bubble, but I continue to be
SHOCKED by the number of XO-1 and XO-1.5s in very active use.  I too
(thought) they'd be put out to pasture long ago, per the 5-year design life
of these machines, arising from a very different decade.

But that's just not the case, three years after $49.99 Android tablets

Instead, we're now closer the next decade (2020 vision ;) and confoundingly
I'm getting as many thoughtful support requests as ever 8 years later.
Incredibly legit community/education vectors included...So Refreshingly!
Certainly generations beyond our MIT founder's penchant for
ID-as-Industrial Design.  Rather than ID-as-International Development.

I did not think this possible in 2011-2013, when all too much was winding
down.  But wouldn't it be truly LOVELY if our community could consolidate
OS support across most of these 4 machines for starters, into a (XO-1,
XO-1.5, XO-1.75, XO-4) 2020 Vision --- despite very obvious
imperfections/compromises that will certainly need to be made along the way.

Fascinating how everybody loves to mock France.  And yet France is the
*only* country worldwide with a backbone to actually Stand Up to so many
sick business models of planned obsolescence, right now endangering our

   End Of The Line For Stuff That's Built To Die?  A new French law demands
that manufacturers display how long their appliances will last.


Yes or no, do we want to live in a Black-Box Society where education is
reduced to Facebook or its advertisers having the power (legally, for now)
to swing elections at the touch of a button, and NSA can lie with impunity
before Congress?  Yes or no, do we want to buy yet more disposable
software, on toxic glimmering junk, to pile upon our grandchildren's planet
whatever's left of it?  If our post-Negroponte movement's going to steal 1
good idea from Steve Jobs' original age-old pre-cloudy business model, how
about it: a few more tools that last, a few more tools that we can trust, a
few more tools that Respect Kids...

Tough post-Negroponte community leadership compromises will need to be
made.  But who would have thought that the French, even Monsieur McDonalds
this week not just Piketty, are leading us back to sanity -- genuinely
informed market choices about what we're buying and what it's doing to
every generation?  Who would have thought in 2007 that that RACHEL-based
microservers ("Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education") would
essentially take over @ Southern Calif Linux Expo as they did 2 weeks ago?  *En

Again, these images are not supported by OLPC.
> It would be useful to know who actually might actually deploy these
> images, as there has not been much of a response so far.  There are
> relatively few people working on XO software at the moment, and we need
> more help in order to create a polished release.
> Bug reports about these images can be filed in dev.laptop.org with the
> "commbuild" keyword.
> Changes from the last build:
>    - Sugar 0.104 is now included.
>    - The language control panel problem appears to just be a first-boot
>    issue.  If broken, rebooting should allow the language control panel to
>    work.
>    - On XO-1, the Linux kernel has been downgraded to a Fedora 18/Linux
>    3.8 OLPC/XO kernel to solve the excess CPU usage.  But mesh networking is
>    not coming online, and collaboration on XO-1 may be more generally broken.
> Known major issues still outstanding:
>    - The XO-1.5 camera (OLPC #12858) and suspend (OLPC #12859) problems
>    still exist.
>    - On XO-4, programs may randomly crash (OLPC #12837).
>    - On XO-4, the on-screen keyboard does not appear in ebook mode, and
>    cannot be used (OLPC #12865).
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