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Tim Moody tim at timmoody.com
Thu Jun 18 09:27:51 EDT 2015

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> summary: you have a failing video _player_ app, not a failing _video_.

OK.  I thought maybe it was a variant mp4, but I see that you are right.  It
is the browser support for the page not the codec.

To be clear, I am using browse in both the case where the video plays and
the case where it doesn't.  But your point about the html and javascript
that wrap the video that doesn't play is a good one.  I had already tried
looking at the source, but nothing jumps out.  Thanks for the alternative
ways of trying the page on the xo4.  

But if this is the answer then I'm pretty much stuck unless browse can be
modified to handle what other browsers can handle.  The page in question
starts at TED, is wrapped in a zim file by kiwix, and rendered by the kiwix

My plan is to put a server on the open internet that has this page, but I
haven't gotten to it yet.  I'll let you know if you're interested.

> On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 03:51:22PM -0400, Tim Moody wrote:
> > on an XO4 with 32016r4 I install
> you are testing sugar-0.104.1 with browse-157 on an xo-4.
> > .	gstreamer1-plugins-vmeta-0.0.20130822-1.fc18.armv7hl.rpm
> > .	gstreamer1-libav-1.0.9-1.fc18.armv7hl.rpm
> >
> > if I go to the TED Technology talk, first video served from kiwix I
> > get video controls but nothing plays.
> where can i do the same?  give me a pointer.  i could speculate, or guess,
> there's a risk i'd guess wrong, and would waste time helping you out on a
> problem you aren't having.
> > If I download that video from the server and upload to
> > http://timmoody.com/downloads/test/TEDTechBergbreiter.webm it plays
> > from there.
> yes, but that's a built-in player activated from content-type in http
> not really relevant except to prove you have the codecs.
> > the server version plays on win 7 chrome and ff and on my android
> > phone.
> >
> > If I try to play on my BB Playbook, it complains about not having a
> > flash player, but elsewhere the url has video.webm, such as from the
> > win 7 chrome:
> >
> > http://xsce:3000/ted_en_technology_2015-02/I/2170/video.webm
> >
> > elsewhere I thought webm generally plays and flash too for that
> > matter.
> i'm not confident i've parsed all that, so i'll ignore it.  no, i don't
use or have an
> xsce instance.
> > any ideas?
> my guess is that you went to a web page with a javascript, html5, or flash
> video player, and something about that player, once it was downloaded into
> the browser, didn't work.
> be sure to remember; being able to play a video file format has little to
> with being able to run a video player app in a web page.
> you need both to work.
> also, on the xo-4, test the failing page with empathy, firefox,
> webkitgtk/GtkLauncher, and webkitgtk3/GtkLauncher.  these are all slightly
> different javascript and html5 implementations.
> the best video player apps are those with a strong pedigree, active
> development, quality control loop, and number of users serviced, which is
> why youtube often works well.  apps tested with small groups of users
> perform badly.
> look at the in-page video player app.  you'll find it in a view page
> feature.  talk to the people who wrote it.  look for a new version.  look
> web browser console messages.
> in short, this is a web site compatibility issue; probably a web site
provided by
> xsce.
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> James Cameron
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