[Sugar-devel] Change request: Fix open with API

Martin Abente martin.abente.lahaye at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 16:51:24 EDT 2015

Hello Gonzalo,

To me this is basically a new feature, in terms of how it does impact sugar
(adding new method to the activity class and adding a new dbus endpoint to
the shell).

It breaks feature, API and code freezes. I believe the change is kind of
sensible considering what it does and specially since we are 3 days away
from the final release. Last week we landed a lot of trivial fixes, and
even then we needed an extra week to discover a serious issue with
sugar-artwork caused by one of these fixes, so certainly this could be more

Regarding the broken API, I see this differently, I don't think its about
adding an extra "try catch". If the API is broken (because its use depends
on other method which shouldn't be allowed), then this feature should only
be used when both "launch_bundle" _and_ "get_bundle" are present (since
using the other method shouldn't be allowed anyway). Technically, this can
be seen as if this feature was not release yet (and we should not allow or
recommend its use until its really complete).

Now, if you still want to include it before Monday, then I think that you
should test it extensively in fc18 (and newer) and ubuntu 14.04, making
sure it works OK and that there are no other unwanted side effects (e.g, on
activities that does not this feature it or other services that consumes to
that dbus service).

Let me know what you want to do,
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