[Sugar-devel] [Announcing] unstable 0.103.2 release and API, UI and String freeze.

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Jan 16 23:50:59 EST 2015

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 09:17:30AM -0300, Martin Abente wrote:
> These are the tarballs for the _last_  0.103.x UNSTABLE release, and
> with this release we reach the API, UI and String freeze [1].
> [...]

Please add a brief change log to your release announcements.  The git
commit logs are split across multiple repositories, are too detailed,
and have merge commits.

> We welcome all the help you can provide!

I've built RPMs for Fedora 20, using Peter's src.rpm for Fedora 22.


I've no idea how he did what he did, but the src.rpm works for me on
Fedora 20.  ;-)

The ARM RPMs were built in a Fedora 20 mock (mock --rebuild), the i686
RPMs were built outside a mock (rpmbuild --rebuild).

Tested on Fedora 20 on XO-4.

The autocomplete of activity name in search entry (2ac6c3c) does work,
though it can be disconcerting.  Perhaps it should mark the completion
as selected text, so that further typing will erase it.  Be a slow
typer and type "C l o c k" and you get "Clockock".

Busy cursor during activity launch doesn't appear to work.  There was
no attempt to flush the display.  No idea if there was a ticket for
this, it isn't mentioned in the commit:


Can be fixed by using the technique in the following commit:


I'm not touching it for a few days in case GCI team want to take it

James Cameron

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