[Sugar-devel] [Announcing] unstable 0.103.2 release and API, UI and String freeze.

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 22:51:51 EST 2015

>> > To help with testing it would be nice if RPMS based on these versions
>> > could
>> > be made available via Fedora's updates-testing repo (or maybe koji) for
>> > F20-F21.
>> We've never pushed new major releases of any sort to a stable Fedora
>> release as there's too much QA and testing required and no one ever
>> commits to doing it.
> Sorry, but I don't believe "updates-testing" can be considered stable, that
> is for, you know... testing. I'm not suggesting pushing to "updates" where
> the packages could be updated without user intervention. One must
> specifically enable the updates-testing repo to receive the new rpms. Guess
> the ball is in sugarlabs' court then.

Sorry, but that just shows you don't understand how updates-testing
works. Packages that go there are designed to end up in stable and
it's a short term area to stage the updates to be tested.... by
default max 7 days.

>> On the plus side I've pushed this to rawhide and people can download a
>> nightly live image from tomorrow and spin it up on either a USB stick
>> or their favourite virtual platform and have a self contained test
>> environment and get it all with little effort.
> I'd rather not download a half gig iso file for testing < 5MBs worth of
> sugar code. Pity sugar 0.104 will miss rawhide's branching cutoff for F22
> by 3 days[1][2]. From what I read above there is no hope for 0.104 to be
> part of F22 then.

Errr..... no, you're again wrong. According to the F-22 schedule [1]
the final free is 5th May, the features have to be "feature complete"
by Alpha and given the above release is the "feature complete" release
we're already there. Sugar 0.104 is due to be stable by Feb 13th which
means we'll have it there before the beta freeze.

Please actually get your facts right about the process before spreading FUD.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/22/Schedule

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