[Sugar-devel] Upgrading XOs

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sat Feb 28 01:43:44 EST 2015

I have finished categorizing the Sugar activities on BERNIE. The Backup 
and Backup4G are the activities installed on the standard builds. The 
Standard activities that I believe work without restriction. The Spanish 
category is evident. The Web activity are activities that require 
web-service (not yet installed on the XOs). The Restricted category 
includes activities that require special external capabilities such as a 
Butia robot, access to the internet, a midi controller and so on. The 
Broken category are activities which do not install and launch cleanly 
on an XO-1 for various reasons (all activities have correct 
activity.info files so 'broken' refers to some other issue). The 
Untested category include activities which depend on multiple users as 
well as the Spirituality for Kids activities which have not been tested).

The activities list can be see in the Class Page by clicking on the 
Guide button on the Sugar Activities page at http://www.projectbernie.org.


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