[Sugar-devel] SugarLabs.org new website - looking for opinions/ideas!

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Feb 26 16:56:48 EST 2015

It took a long time to load.  See Firefox developer console
screenshots of query load times:


I suggest you check yourself the load times without cache, and reduce
the number of servers that have to be resolved.  Also identify the
network speeds of the target market, and how they will perceive load

The black text on saturated colours was very hard to read, because
there was not enough contrast between the text and the background.

The animation of the titles seems unnecessary and distracting.

Some of the introduction is repeated word for word in the About

The style of the embedded activities element is inconsistent with the
surrounding page style.

Given recent discussions, there's probably an overemphasis on history
of Sugar, or the history of computing.

Otherwise, good progress.

James Cameron

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