[Sugar-devel] XO Infinity?

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Tue Feb 17 21:05:57 EST 2015


I am sceptical that the XO market will ever be able to sustain 
manufacture of an XO-specific product. I hope and wish I am wrong. 
However, I think we need to look for alternatives. Possibly the most 
serious impediment to success of the OLPC initiative has been the lack 
of laptop available for purchase by a deployment in small quantities.

As Wayan Vota said, 'Would you recommend a new deployment with the XO?'. 
My answer would be yes, provided the deployment had a reliable source of 
XO laptops for under $200 (and spare parts).
The XO-1 is still viable provided that there is a source of ongoing support.

I must applaud Samuel Greenfeld's initiative to create community builds 
of the XO software. As Bernie Innocenti pointed out at the Malaysia 
summit, finding a community that can sustain support for the XO builds 
going forward is probably the number one problem facing the community.

There are Android tablets on the market which can be purchased with a 
case and keyboard:


Rabi Karmacharya believes we need a minimum 10" screen, the above has 7" 
and is quoted at $69.
Is there a comparable device with a 10" screen at 1200x900 or better for 
under $100, under 200$?

The CTL Education Chromebook is available for $279 
(http://ctl.net/ctl-education-chromebook). Does it offer the 
capabilities we need? Can alternate software (such as Fedora/Sugar) be 

Is our future to go away from Fedora/Sugar (Linux/Gnu/Sugar) and to base 
our deployments on Android? Does this mean we must abandon our 
insistence on open source and open educational resources? Is it possible 
to deploy an Android system without access to the internet?

There are currently 200+ educational activities available for Sugar. 
Must we give these up? Do we need to reprogram them in javascript?

If we are to continue with Fedora/Sugar, can this software be installed 
on Android tablets?

The world's professional programmers are now either (or both) 
programming for the javascript/html market or the Java Android market. 
Does this mean we need to jump on those bandwagons? Should we shift our 
'view source' initiative to Java or to javascript/html?

In summary, I believe that the future of the olpc initiative depends on 
the skills, commitment, and hard work of the community. I think it very 
unlikely that our challenges will be met by a 'magic wand' waved by OLPC 
reborn, OLPC Australia, or other agency. It's up to us.


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> Hi all,
> As some of you, I've seen:https://medium.com/road-to-infinity
> Something that look like to a new XO concept with an Android OS proposed by
> OLPC Australia. Just my guess.
> Is someone have more information on this ?
> Is it related to OLPC Foundation ?
> Is it related to Sugar ?
> Please share with us.
>              Lionel.

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