[Sugar-devel] Testing SoaS Rawhide, F22, Sugar 0.103.2

Iain Brown Douglas iain at browndouglas.plus.com
Mon Feb 9 12:10:36 EST 2015

Hi, thank you all for another great version of Sugar, which I have
tested briefly.

Test image:     Fedora-Live-SoaS-i686-rawhide-20150207.iso
Test environment:
    a) LiveUSB, written with dd [image is too big for a CD]
    b) USB stick written with livecd-iso-to-disk
        Results seem same for both, logs are from (b).
Sugar version:

== Interface ==

No other-user avatars seen in F1 view.
ping jabber.sugarlabs.org: ok wired, and ok wireless.

Accidental animation (severe issue for users) occurs when cursor moves
over buttons on some menus.
Seen in Journal and clipboard. The "Filter" menus within Journal(and
Home Views) behave correctly, in that the selected item shows grey and
there is no change of size.
Steps to reproduce, right click an item in the Journal, move the cursor
down the available options. The defect looks like the result of a change
of size between the non-active and the newly-active element.

Tool bars and menus, have little arrows to indicate tabs, open or close.
These arrows seem rotated 90 deg, so that up/down arrows show as
left/right, or back/forward, and vice-versa.

Where one clipping exists on Frame, when selecting the clipping, the
menu opens downwards into impossibly small area at bottom of screen,
expectation is that the menu would open upwards and be easily

== Activities ==

=== Speak-49 ===
Fails to start, log contains:
ImportError: No module named Numeric

=== Write-96 ===
Keep Error seems to prevent saving work.
Create a new file, with a line of text. Click on the stop button.
Displays "Keep Error: all changes will be lost".
Click on "Stop anyway".
The created document is lost. Appears in the Journal, the opened-blank
"Write activity"

=== Get Books-14 ===
"Look up" connects, in that a photo of the requested book's cover is
displayed but no download is received, no entry for Get Books appears in
the Journal.

=== IRC-11 ===
Displays duplicated participant list in right hand pane. Participant
list appears as two identical columns.

== Logs ==

On fpaste.org


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