[Sugar-devel] Problems while using sugar on ubuntu

vishal.batchu vishal.batchu at students.iiit.ac.in
Thu Dec 10 01:36:55 EST 2015

I managed to get a build of sugar running on ubuntu. But there were a 
few problems, the sugar-web-test module would always end up failing 
however the internet in the sugar-browser worked just fine.
A few other activities such as the Clock activity would just show up a 
blank page and nothing happens.

Are these problems already noted? Or is it something that I am facing 
probably since I did not build and run sugar properly?

Also one more thing, wanted to know how long it would approximately 
take for bug reports to be reviewed on bugs.sugarlabs.com since I posted 
a bug a while ago but it said it needed moderation (new user).


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