[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Sugar for smart devices

Christian Stroetmann stroetmann at ontolab.com
Thu Sep 18 18:00:29 EDT 2014

And here is the answer to the question at the end of the e-mail:
The sketches show the adaption of the GUI of the smartwatch Apple Watch, 
specifically the home screen. Not shown in the sketches/mock ups is an 
animation of the dynamic scrolling through the icons. How this and the 
rest works in the case of the smartwatch can be seen in many related 
videos on the internet.

The main driving idea behind this kind of GUI adaption for Sugar on 
smart devices is, that if something runs on a smartwatch with a very 
small screen, as it must be the case or otherwise such a large company 
would have not developed this special GUI, then it runs on a smartphone 
and even on a feature phone (smartphone without the smart so to say) as 
Said this, it is a possibility or a blueprint for transfering Sugar's 4 
zoom levels with their views and contents and also the Sugar activities 
as apps on such smaller screens without disturbing too much of the 
initial concept and design rules if at all.

With all the best

> Aloha
> Maybe somebody mentioned the following solution already on an other 
> channel.
> If not, then I would like to show two images of the activity screen as 
> examples. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) works like the home 
> screen of a well known smart device, which might be of use for 
> adaptions of Sugar that run on small devices with small screens (e.g. 
> Sugarizer and Sugarfox).
> The first image [1] shows a common desktop as displayed on a laptop 
> for children or a tablet computer.
> The second image [2] shows a screen of a smartphone or a phone tablet 
> (phablet) for example.
> The GUI could also be scaled in such a way that it fits on the screen 
> of a smartwatch, on which I am working with iRaiment as well since a 
> year or so.
> For sure, the icons have to be arranged in a more dense way, but these 
> images are just sketches.
> By the way: Who has already recognized the original GUI?
> Have fun in the sun
> Christian Stroetmann
> [1] www.ontomax.com/images/multimedia/sugar-activity-smart_devices-01.jpg
> [2] www.ontomax.com/images/multimedia/sugar-activity-smart_devices-03.jpg
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